English conversation at the breakfast shop

English conversation at the breakfast shop

Dialogue 1

Nice morning, isn’t it?Woman Icon 2

Can I get a seat anyway?Man icon 1

Please come in and sit where you like. Would you like an American Breakfast or a Continental breakfast?Woman Icon 2

Two American breakfasts with fried eggs sunny-side up, ham, rolls.Man icon 1

Certainly, sir. But which kind of drink do you want?Woman Icon 2

An orange juice and a white coffee.Man icon 1

Okay, about five minutes.Woman Icon 2

By the way, do you have any newspaper?Man icon 1

We have a newspaper rack over there and a number of newspapers and magazines on this desk.Woman Icon 2

All right.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Good morning. May I help you?Woman Icon 2

What kinds of porridge do you serve?Man icon 1

We serve the beef slices porridge, the fresh fish porridge, and the preserved egg porridge, to name only a few.Woman Icon 2

Two bowls of preserved egg porridge. Can I get a seat anyway?Man icon 1

Sorry, sir, all the tables are taken. Would you mind waiting until one is free?Woman Icon 2

How long do we have to wait?Man icon 1

We can see you in five minutes.Woman Icon 2

Okay.Man icon 1

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