English Conversation At the Car Beauty Shop

English Conversation At the Car Beauty Shop

Dialogue 1

Good morning, what can I do for you?Man icon 1

Good morning. There is a scratch on the surface of my car. Can you help me clean it away?Woman Icon 2

Let me have a look first. Yeah, I think I can. Actually I think it is better to give your car a thorough car care.Man icon 1

Is that necessary? I think it looks alright.Woman Icon 2

Well, when you take a closer look you will see the lacquer on the surface is slightly shedding and the luster is lost now.Man icon 1

Oh, I didn’t notice that before. So I guess you are right, I’ll take a thorough car care.Woman Icon 2

Okay then, let’s start.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

You’re looking unhappy. What happened?Man icon 1

It is my car. Yesterday my nephew accidentally made a scratch on the surface of my car. It looks weird.Woman Icon 2

Oh, don’t worry, why not go to a car beauty shop?Man icon 1

Car beauty shop? What’s that?Woman Icon 2

It’s a shop where can help you renew your car from inside out.Man icon 1

So the scratch can be cleaned away?Woman Icon 2

Sure, it is a piece of cake.Man icon 1

Oh, thank you so much! I will go there tomorrow.Woman Icon 2

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