English conversation at the office reception

English Conversation at the Office Reception

Dialogue 1

Good morning! How can I help you?Woman Icon 1

I have an appointment with Mr.Smith. I am coming to send him some paperwork.Man icon 2

May I have your name, please?Woman Icon 1

Bill Dove from ABB China.Man icon 2

Nice to meet you, Mr. Dove. Have a seat, I will let him know you are here.Woman Icon 1

Thank you.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hi, I’m here to see Mr.Matthews.Woman Icon 1

Do you have an appointment?Man icon 2

No, I don’t.Woman Icon 1

Whom should I say is here?Man icon 2

My name is Wang Li.Woman Icon 1

May I know what it’s about?Man icon 2

Of course for business. I spoke with her about a week ago and she told me to just stop by when I was in the neighborhood.Woman Icon 1

Please wait a moment. I will see if she is available.Man icon 2

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