English Conversation at Work

English Conversation at Work

1. Job Interview

Okay, right. So, it’s Melissa, isn’t it?Man1

Yes, that’s right.Woman3

You’re applying for a position in our sales department. Have you got your form there?Man1

Yes, here you go.Woman3

And here is my CV.Woman3

I can see you have some experience in sales, administration, and catering.Man1

That’s right.Woman3

Okay, let’s start with catering. You worked for Pleasant House Pub for one year.Man1

What qualifications do you have? Do you have any kind of food safety or hygiene certificate?Man1

I attended a catering training and I’ve got a certificate in Food Safety for Catering.Woman3

Here it is.Woman3


Great. Now, administration… What computer skills do you have?Man1

Well, I have experience working with Word and PowerPoint.Woman3

I’m very comfortable using computers and am confident in my ability to learn any new programs quickly.Woman3

That’s very good. Do you have a driver’s license?Man1

Yes, I do.Woman3

Excellent. And what languages do you speak?Man1

I speak Spanish, intermediate level.Woman3

Ok. And now you’re working in sales for Drift. How long have you been working for them?Man1

I’ve been working there for 2 years.Woman3

What did you decide to leave?Man1

Well… I realized that this company wasn’t giving me the growth opportunities I need at this stage of my career.Woman3

I see. What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses?Man1

Er…, I have good communication skills and I’m reliable and organized.Woman3

My weakness is that I’m not a very spontaneous person.Woman3

I prefer to work prepared and according to well-defined plan.Woman3

Okay, great. If we hire you, when can you start?Man1

I can start in two weeks, after I give notice at my current job.Woman3

Ok. We’ll contact you next week. Thank you for your time.Man1

2. How Did Your Job Interview Go

Hey, Marcus, how did your job interview go?Man 2

The interview went well in my opinion.Man3

I know that my skills are hard to find in the industry I’m in and the interview took 2 hours!Man3

Really?Man 2

Yeah, he showed me around the office and I even got to meet the CEO.Man3

The interviewee also went to a cup of coffee outside the office.Man3

The interview itself wasn’t like the usual ones, we were discussing work, tasks, plans and stuff about the company.Man3

I was giving him ideas and he was sharing as well.Man3

However, I got the strange feeling that I will not be hired for some reason.Man3

If he showed you around the office and introduced you to the CEO, he most surely liked you.Man 2

So you have nothing to worry about.Man 2

I hope you’re right.Man3

I’m very confident in my abilities, but I don’t have enough experience though.Man3

Maybe they are looking for young and eager-to-learn individuals.Man 2

Yeah, the job posting said they offered training.Man3

I think that you can never tell… We’ll see soon if I got the job!Man3

Don’t worry about it. I’m sure they’ll hire you.Man 2

I sure hope so. I’m tired of not having any money.Man3

3. How Do You Like It Here

Hi there.Man1


I haven’t seen you around here before. You’re new in this company, aren’t you?Man1

Yes, I just started 2 weeks ago.Woman3

What’s your position in the company, if I may ask?Man1

I’m the head of design. I manage artists and graphic designers. What about you?Woman3

I’m a content producer. I’m James.Man1

I’m Stacy. Nice to meet you.Woman3

Nice to meet you too. So how do you like it here so far?Man1

I really enjoy working here.Woman3

That’s great to hear!Man1

I feel like everyone gets along well and helps each other out whenever it’s needed.Woman3

I have never before had the chance to work with such a nice group of people.Woman3


It’s great. And I like having a flexible schedule.Woman3

So it wasn’t difficult for you to adjust working here.Man1

No, not at all.Woman3

What did you do before you started here?Man1

I was working in a design office as a graphic and web designer.Woman3

What made you decide to change jobs?Man1

I had to commute two hours every day, so I wanted something closer to home.Woman3

That figures. So how long does it take to get to work now?Man1

It’s only ten minutes by subway.Woman3

Oh, that’s much better!Man1

3. I Don't Like the Office

How do you like your new job, Dylan?Woman3

I don’t enjoy it.Man3

Well, what exactly don’t you like about it?Woman3

The thing I don’t like is the office.Man3

Why, what’s wrong with the office?Woman3

Twenty of us work in one room, so it’s very noisy and there’s no privacy.Man3

Really? Don’t you have a private cubicle?Woman3

No. We don’t even have our own desks. We sit right next to each other.Man3

You’ve got to be kidding! So you have no personal space at all?Woman3

No, it’s really crowded. I only have a small place for my computer and telephone.Man3

I’d love to quit, but I really need the money.Man3

Have you thought about looking for another job with more decent conditions?Woman3

I have. I can’t imagine working there much longer.Man3

I need to start getting more serious about looking for another job.Man3

What about working at a bank?Woman3

That’s a good idea. I’ll look around and see if any banks are hiring.Man3

And I’ll keep brainstorming ideas for new jobs for you.Woman3

We’ve got to get you out of that unhappy place.Woman3

Yes, we do! I need a change for sure!Man3

4. Working Overtime

Hey, Paul, I haven’t seen you at the gym lately. Are you still working out?Man3

Well, I’ve been pretty busy at work.Man 2

We’re behind schedule so I’m putting in 12-hour days and more in the office and just grabbing a few hours of sleep here and there when I can.Man 2

You need to set some boundaries, dule. They’re ripping you off.Man3

How did you come to that conclusion?Man 2

Do the math! If they’re paying you 40 hours a week and you’re working 72, that’s almost a 50 percent cut in pay.Man3

Uh…Ryan, I get paid overtime. When I work long hour, I get a huge paycheck.Man 2

You do? You seem thrilled by the idea of working overtime then.Man3

Yeah, I completely enjoy this. It gives me the opportunity to earn more.Man 2

But that comes with a price, though: working too many hours can lead to burnout, fatigue an stress.Man3

Not if it’s for a short period of time.Man 2

5. I'd Like to Take Some Time off

Excuse me, Mrs. West!Man 2

Yes, Kevin!Woman3

Do you have a moment?Man 2

Sure, come on in. Sit down. What is it?Woman3

I hope you don’t mind my asking, but would it be at all possible for me to take a couple of days off on Thursday and Friday?Man 2

Both Ken and Sally will be in the office those days and they can cover for me during my absence.Man 2

But what happened? Is everything okay?Woman3

Well, I need to carry out some house renovations.Man 2

I see. Will you be able to get all your work done? It’s going to be a busy month.Woman3

Yes, sure. I’ll get everything finished on time. You can count on it.Man 2

OK, Kevin, no problem. Just remember to fill out the “Leave Request” form.Woman3

Thanks, Mrs. West. I appreciate it.Man 2

6. How's the Project Coming Along?

How’s the project coming along, Joey?Man3

I’m a little worried we won’t be able to meet the deadline, Andrew.Man 2

How’s that? What’s wrong?Man3

We had some technical issues. This has delayed our progress. I didn’t expect that to happen.Man 2

That’s a real problem. The deadline is Friday.Man3

I don’t think we can get it done by then. Can I have an extension?Man 2

It seems I have no choice. I’ll extend the deadline until next week.Man3

Perfect! The project will be finished by Monday morning.Man 2

Okay. I’m counting on you, Joey.Man3

I won’t let you down, Andrew.Man 2

I hope not. You’re skating on thin ice this time.Man3

7. The Best Candidate

Are you going to Matthew’s leaving party?Woman3

Yes, I am. Anyway, I’m glad he will be transferred to the Chicago office.Woman1

He’s extremely difficult to work with. He doesn’t listen to anyone.Woman1

You’re right. And he’s so bad-tempered.Woman3

But he’s really competent.Woman1

The chicago office isn’t doing well and he could improve things there, just as he did here.Woman1

Yes, he probably will. How long is he going to stay there?Woman3

He’s going to be there for at least a year. But he surely won’t come back to the same job.Woman1

You’re right. He probably won’t. I dare say they’ll promote him if he’s successful in Chicago.Woman3

Are you applying for his job?Woman1

I might. Do you know who else is going for it? Is Sylvia going to?Woman3

No, I don’t think so. She knows she doesn’t stand a chance of getting it.Woman1

She doesn’t have enough experience.Woman1

But John may well apply. And if he does, they might give it to him.Woman3

He is not a good fit either. He is struggling to keep up with work.Woman1

That’s because he is working two jobs in order to pay his bills.Woman1

I think you would be the best candidate for that position.Woman1

Thanks for the support, Amber.Woman3

8. Night Shift Job

Hi, Mason. I haven’t seen you in a while. How are you doing?Woman1

I’m very well, thanks. How about you?Man 2

I’m fine, thanks. I’ve got a job right now and I’m very excited about it.Woman1

Congratulation!Man 2


What job did you get?Man 2

I got a job in an art gallery. I’m going to create art, hold exhibitions, attend art bazaars and markets.Woman1

That sounds like a very beautiful job.Man 2

Yeah, how about you? Where do you work?Woman1

I work in an airport as an air traffic controller. I work third shift. I get off work at six in the morning.Man 2

Oh, can you sleep during the day?Woman1

I don’t really have much trouble sleeping during the day and honestly I kind of enjoy it but it kills my social life.Man 2

I only get to see my friends during my days off.Man 2

That’s too bad… How many days off do you have?Woman1

I have two days off, usually Sundays and Mondays and I work around 36 hours a week.Man 2

And do you enjoy your work?Woman1

Yes, I do. I love guiding pilots and their planes as they travel through the skies.Man 2

It sounds like a fascinating job.Woman1

Yeah, it is.Man 2

How to Say English Conversation at Work

When working in an English-speaking environment, it’s important to be able to converse with your colleagues. However, for some people, this can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you improve your English conversation skills at work.

1. Start by practicing with friends or family members. This will help you become more comfortable speaking English.

2. Try to use English as often as possible. This will help you improve your fluency and pronunciation.

3. Watch English-language television shows and movies, and listen to English-language podcasts. This will help you learn new words and expressions.

4. Take advantage of online resources, such as websites and apps that offer free lessons on how to speak English fluently.

5. Practice, practice, practice!


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