English Conversation Birthday

Birthday Cake

What are you making?Man icon 1

I’m decorating a birthday cake.Woman Icon 2

Who’s having a birthday?Man icon 1

My friend Tom. He’s turning 30 tomorrow.Woman Icon 2

Wow! Does he know you’re making him a cake?Man icon 1

No, he’ll be surprised. We’re having dinner and I think he needs a cake too.Woman Icon 2

That’s so nice. Just so you know, my birthday’s in November.Man icon 1

I’ll keep that in mind.
Woman Icon 2

And I love chocolate cake!
Man icon 1

Ok. Got it.Woman Icon 2

And, every chocolate cake needs chocolate ice cream with it.Man icon 1

Your message is clear.Woman Icon 2

Just kidding. I think that it’s very nice of you.Man icon 1

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