English Conversation Buying a Car

English Conversation Buying a Car

Dialogue 1

Did you go to the Auto Show yesterday?Man icon 1

You mean the car exhibition in the Exhibition Centre?Woman Icon 2

Yeah, it is awesome!Man icon 1

Unfortunately I was quite busy yesterday, so I did not have time for it. Tell me something about it.Woman Icon 2

There were many different kinds of cars of various brands, like BMW, Audi and QQ. Those big car companies display their latest hi-tech cars.Man icon 1

Sounds interesting. Which cars do you like most?Woman Icon 2

I really don’t know. They’re all great! Actually, I’m planning to buy a car recently. Would you like to come with me?Man icon 1

That’s great! How about this Sunday?Woman Icon 2

That’s a deal!Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Oh, my God, there are so many cars here, which one should I choose?Woman Icon 2

How about that black Honda over there?Man icon 1

The car is okay, but I don’t like the color, black looks kind of gloomy.Woman Icon 2

What do you think of that red Audi? It seems terrific.Man icon 1

Of course it is terrific, but I’m afraid I cannot afford it. It is too expensive.Woman Icon 2

Oh, look over there! I bet you will like that one.Man icon 1

Which one?Woman Icon 2

That white TOYOTA VIOS over there, it looks bright and graceful.Man icon 1

Yeah, you are right. Let’s have a test drive first.Woman Icon 2

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