English conversation in a clothing store

English conversation in a clothing store

Dialogue 1

What about these shirts? Do you see anything you like?Woman Icon 2

The styles here are too boring for me. I told you. I like street shopping.Man icon 1

Oh, come on! Don’t be so sour. These are beautiful shirts. I know if we don’t buy some today, you will never go shopping by yourself.Woman Icon 2

Sure I would.Man icon 1

Here. Look at this shirt. Try it on.Woman Icon 2

Do they have it in large?Man icon 1

I don’t know. Let me look on the rack. Here is one large. Try it on.Woman Icon 2

Where is the fitting room? I don’t see it.Man icon 1

The fitting rooms are over there.Woman Icon 2

Okay. I will try it on.Man icon 1

It looks good on you.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Good morning, madam. Can I help you?Man icon 1

Good morning. I’m looking for a new jacket.Woman Icon 2

Our jackets are over here next to coats and accessories.Man icon 1

I like this jacket. Can I try it on?Woman Icon 2

Of course. The changing rooms are over there.Man icon 1

Thanks.Woman Icon 2

Does it fit?Man icon 1

Can you find me a larger one?Woman Icon 2

Sure. I’ll right back.Man icon 1

Thanks.Woman Icon 2

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