English Conversation in the Articraft Store

English Conversation in the Articraft Store

Dialogue 1

Are you being served, sir?Woman Icon 2

I’d like to buy a medium-sized clothes on vase with a light blue background.Man icon 1

I’m sorry, sir. They are sold out. We only have some big ones now, but we are expecting to have some tomorrow.Woman Icon 2

Oh, I’m leaving China tomorrow. I don’t think I have much time. Let me see. How much is the big one?Man icon 1

180 yuan.Woman Icon 2

That sounds reasonable. Will you show me some?Man icon 1

Yes, sir. How would you like this one? The background is pale blue with traditional Chinese paintings of flowers and birds.Woman Icon 2

It’s attractive. I’ll take a pair. Can you pack the vases and send them to New York by mail for me?Man icon 1

Yes, sir. Please write your name and address on this slip.Woman Icon 2

Okay. How much should I pay then?Man icon 1

400 yuan altogether, including the postage and the charge for the packing. You know, we’ll have to make a special box.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Shall we buy some fans?Woman Icon 2

Yes.Man icon 1

Are these old Sandalwood fans?Woman Icon 2

Not all of them. Some are made of Chinese little leaf boxwood with scent sprayed on. Those made of real sandalwood are much more expensive.Man icon 1

May I take a smell of them and compare which one I like better.Woman Icon 2

Yes, please. Here you are.Man icon 1

This one smells better. I’ll take this and buy a feather fan. Please show me some.Woman Icon 2

Yes, this is made of wild goose feather and this is made of Skylark feather.Man icon 1

I’ll take both of them.Woman Icon 2

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