English Conversation In the Drugstore

Conversation In the Drugstore

Dialogue 1

I’d like to buy a bottle of Centrum and two toothbrushes.Man icon 1

Centrum? We have bottles of 30 and 50 tablets. What kind do you want?Woman Icon 2

Give me two bottles of 50.Man icon 1

And what kind of toothbrushes do you want?Woman Icon 2

Can I have a look at them?Man icon 1

Sure.Woman Icon 2

I want this for two.Man icon 1

Anything else?Woman Icon 2

No. That’ll be all. How much are they?Man icon 1

$20Woman Icon 2

Thanks.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

May I help you?Woman Icon 2

Yes. I need to get this filled.Man icon 1

Okay. Do you have a prescription card?Woman Icon 2

Yes. Here it is.Man icon 1

It will take about 10 to 15 minutes.Woman Icon 2

I’ll wait here.Man icon 1

Okay.Woman Icon 2

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