English conversation in the flea market

English conversation in the flea market

Dialogue 1

Does this TV work well?Man icon 1

Yes, it’s almost new.Woman Icon 2

Is it a color TV or a black and white one?Man icon 1

Color. You know people prefer the LED now. So they have no room for this kind.Woman Icon 2

What do you charge for it?Man icon 1

500 yuan.Woman Icon 2

Can I have it for 400?Man icon 1

450. The last offer.Woman Icon 2

Okay. Deal.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Can I help you, sir?Woman Icon 2

Yes, but may I have a look first? You had so many antiques and Chinese paintings here. Are they genuine?Man icon 1

All are reproductions are clearly marked and priced. They are sold at a fair price.Woman Icon 2

May I see that ivory horse?Man icon 1

Sure. It’s genuine, I bet. It’s made of genuine ivory, besides, its of exquisite workmanship.Woman Icon 2

How much is it?Man icon 1

The price is marked 200 yuan.Woman Icon 2

I’ll take it.Man icon 1

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