English Conversation in the Hospital

Dialogue 1

Come in and sit down. What’s the trouble?Woman Icon 2

Doctor, I had a bad cough and a sore throat.Man icon 1

Do you have a fever?Woman Icon 2

I don’t know. But I feel terrible.Man icon 1

 First let me take your temperature.Woman Icon 2

 Okay.Man icon 1

Don’t worry. You are just having a bad cold. Go home to bed and take one of these pills every six hours. You’ll be fine soon.Woman Icon 2

I got it. Thank you.Man icon 1

Drink more water and get a good rest.Woman Icon 2

I will. Thanks again.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Hello, doctor.Man icon 1

What’s wrong with you?Woman Icon 2

I have a backache.Man icon 1

Do you often suffer from the backache?Woman Icon 2

No, I never had one before.Man icon 1

How long does it last for?Woman Icon 2

Almost four days.Man icon 1

Let me see. Well, go home and get some rest in bad. It’s not a big deal.Woman Icon 2

Can you give me some medicine? It’s really painful.Man icon 1

Okay. Take one pill a time and three times a day. If you still feel bad in four days, come back again.Woman Icon 2

Thank you.Man icon 1

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