English Conversation in the Jewelry Store

English Conversation in the Jewelry Store

Dialogue 1

Can I help you, madam?Man icon 1

Yes. I’d like to buy some presents for my friends.Woman Icon 2

Would you like jewelry? Today is Mother’s Day and all the jewelry is on sale at Rich’s.Man icon 1

That’s great. Do you have gold jewels?Woman Icon 2

Yes, we have 14k and 18k gold necklaces, chain and earrings.Man icon 1

May I have a look?Woman Icon 2

Sure. Here is nice gold necklace. It’s regular price is $56, and now you can have it with a 20% discount.Man icon 1

It’s very elegant. I’ll take it.Woman Icon 2

All right. Is there anything else you want?Man icon 1

Will you show me that key ring?Woman Icon 2

Yes. Here you are.Man icon 1

It’s very nice. Give me 10 like this. I’m sure there will be good gifts from my friends in China.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

I want to buy some jewelry.Woman Icon 2

What kind of jewelry do you like to have?Man icon 1

I should like to look at some bracelets.Woman Icon 2

May I show you gold ones or platinum ones?Man icon 1

Gold ones.Woman Icon 2

Pure gold or carats?Man icon 1

Pure gold ones, please.Woman Icon 2

Certainly. Ma’am.Man icon 1

What’s the price for this one?Woman Icon 2

$550Man icon 1

How about five hundred dollars?Woman Icon 2

I’m sorry we only sell at fixed prices.Man icon 1

Okay, I’ll take it. I want to have my initials engraved on it.Woman Icon 2

Oh, that can be done.Man icon 1

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