English conversation in the shoe store

English conversation in the shoe store

Dialogue 1

This is the cloth shoes department, isn’t it?Woman Icon 2

That’s right. Would you like to look at some of these shoes?Man icon 1

Yes, I want to buy a pair of black cloth shoes, made in Beijing.Woman Icon 2

Right, how about this pair?Man icon 1

Look good.Woman Icon 2

What size do you need?Man icon 1

36Woman Icon 2

Please try it on.Man icon 1

Thank you. They are very comfortable. I’ll take this pair.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Look at those sandals! That are pretty. We need to buy one pair for our son.Woman Icon 2

Look good. What color do you prefer?Man icon 1

I’ll choose blue. It’s a good color for boys. Besides, a dark color will not show the dirt.Woman Icon 2

That makes sense. What do you think of that pair for me?Man icon 1

Which pair?Woman Icon 2

The white one over there.Man icon 1

You go and try them on. It should be good on you.Woman Icon 2

You think so? Okay, I’ll try.Man icon 1

Go ahead.Woman Icon 2

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