English Conversation Shopping for Clothes

English Conversation Shopping for Clothes

Dialogue 1

Are you being served?Man icon 1

No. Could you show me the dress that’s displayed on mannequin?Woman Icon 2

Sure. Please come this way. This design comes in four colors and all sizes.Man icon 1

May I try it on?Woman Icon 2

Of course. Here is the fitting room.Man icon 1

It doesn’t fit quite right. It feels a little tight in the waist. Do you have this in a larger size?Woman Icon 2

Yes, here it is.Man icon 1

Well, how do I look in this one?Woman Icon 2

You look really beautiful in it and that looks as though it were made for you.Man icon 1

Okay, I’ll take it.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

I’d like sport pans. But I’m not quite sure about the size.Man icon 1

Can I take your waist measurement?Woman Icon 2

Of course. I think my size is approximate 38. Can you check it?Man icon 1

Yes, 38 will be good for you.Woman Icon 2

Could you give me a pair of this pattern?Man icon 1

Sure. Wait for a moment. Would you like to try it on?Woman Icon 2

Yes. What do you think?Man icon 1

It fits you great.Woman Icon 2

I think so. I’ll take it.Man icon 1

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