English Conversation with a Guest

English Conversation with a Guest

Dialogue 1

Who is it?Man icon 1

It’s me, Mary. Could you buzz me in?Woman Icon 2

Sure, come right in.Man icon 1

Wow! Beautiful home you have here.Woman Icon 2

Thank you. How nice have you come with us. Let me have your coat.Man icon 1

Okay, let me take off my shoes first.Woman Icon 2

Would you please leave your bag here?Man icon 1

Oh, yeah.Woman Icon 2

Please have your seat. Shall I get a drink for you.Man icon 1

Yes, a cup of tea, please.Woman Icon 2

Fine. Enjoy yourself. Man icon 1

Thanks.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hey, Jack!Woman Icon 2

Hey, Mary. I’m glad you could come. Come on please, we are all waiting for you.Man icon 1

Is everybody here?Woman Icon 2

Tom’s on his way and will be here in a moment. Sit anywhere you like, please.Man icon 1

Okay. Suppose we wait a while. Can I watch the news on television?Woman Icon 2

Of course. Will you have a drink?Man icon 1

I’d like a glass of water, please.Woman Icon 2

There are some fruits and nuts on the table. Do you like eating mango?Man icon 1

A nice fresh mango is my favorite fruit.Woman Icon 2

Then have one. Please feel free to make yourself at home.Man icon 1

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