English Conversation with Familiar Face

English Conversation with Familiar Face

Dialogue 1

Hello Kate! Over time again, are you?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I’ve got to, if I want to get pay raise.Woman Icon 1

How are things going? Everything is alright?Woman Icon 2

Yes, not too bad, thanks. And you?Woman Icon 1

I’m doing good. Thank you.Woman Icon 2

How’s Jack?Woman Icon 1

Oh, he’s all right. But busy as usual.Woman Icon 2

Maybe we could have a together sometime.Woman Icon 1

Sounds like a great idea. You are the boss.Woman Icon 2

OK. I’ll call you.Woman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

Hi, long time no see. You haven’t been sick, have you?Woman Icon 1

No, I’ve been in America for the past month.Man icon 2

How nice! Where were you exactly?Woman Icon 1

L.A. I got back yesterday.Man icon 2

Have you changed jobs?Woman Icon 1

No, I’ve been visiting some relatives there.Man icon 2

That’s nice. Woman Icon 1

What are you going about now?Man icon 2

Nothing much. Same as ever.Woman Icon 1

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