English Dialogue for Borrowing Money and Things

English Dialogue for Borrowing Money and Things

Dialogue 1

Will you do me a favor?Man icon 2

What can I do for you?Woman Icon 1

Would you mind if I borrowed your car?Man icon 2

Well, when exactly?Woman Icon 1

Next weekend.Man icon 2

I’m sorry, but it wouldn’t be possible.Woman Icon 1

Monday or Tuesday of next week?Man icon 2

Yes, I guess that would be alright.Woman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

Why are you still here?Woman Icon 1

I fetch my wallet, but I don’t know where it is.Man icon 2

Take it easy. In your memory, where did you see it last time?Woman Icon 1

Maybe I forgot it at home. Could you lend me 100 yuan? I need to go home by taxi.Man icon 2

Of course. Is that enough?Woman Icon 1

Yes. That’s very kind of you.Man icon 2

Don’t mention it.Woman Icon 1

I have something urgent, and I have to go in a hurry.Man icon 2

Mind how you go!Woman Icon 1

I will.Man icon 2

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