ESL Renting an apartment

Esl Renting an Apartment

Dialogue 1

I’ve been told you might have a vacant room?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I have a spare room.Man icon 1

Would it be okay to look at the room now?Woman Icon 2

Would you come here in 20 minutes. We are right here in the middle of dinner.Man icon 1

This apartment looks nice.Woman Icon 2

Yes, it has two bedrooms. That’s convenient.Man icon 1

How much is the rent?Woman Icon 2

2500 yuan a month.Man icon 1

This apartment is nice, but I’d like to find a cheaper one.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

I wonder if you can help me. I’m looking for a room.Man icon 1

Yes. I’ve got a small room.Woman Icon 2

How much do you charge?Man icon 1

$35 a week, but don’t allow smoking.Woman Icon 2

Okay. Anything else?Man icon 1

Also you can’t have visitors. That’s all.Woman Icon 2

No problem. Can I see the room now?Man icon 1

Would you mind waiting? I’m on the telephone.Woman Icon 2

We’ll. Take your time. I’ll come back in a minute.Man icon 1

See you.Woman Icon 2

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