Example of compound sentence

A sentence made from at least two independent Clauses and joined by “and”, “but”,  “then”, “as”, “so”…

Examples of compound sentences

Compound Sentences with Coordinating Conjunctions

We got there early, and  we got really good seats.

Cats are good pets, for they are clean and are not noisy.

He really need to go to work, but he is too sick to drive.

She is counting her calories, yet she really wants dessert.

She ran out of money, so she had to stop playing poker.

Should we start class now, or wait for everyone to get here?

They have never been to Singapore, nor have They visited Thailand.

More examples of compound sentences with A colon, semicolon, dash.

He know one thing: he love that girl.

She likes hot chocolate; it sends her to sleep.

I know she is here — I can smell her perfume.

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