Expressing Gratitude Conversation

Expressing Gratitude Conversation

Dialogue 1

You look very nice today, Mary.Woman Icon 2

Thank you.Woman Icon 1

Is that a new dress? It is very pretty.Woman Icon 2

Yes. I just got it the other day when shopping with my mom.Woman Icon 1

Like blue suit see very well. It matches your eyes.Woman Icon 2

Thanks. I like it very much. I am thinking about buying a pair of sandals to go with it. What colors you think will go well?Woman Icon 1

Maybe white will look very good.Woman Icon 2

Thank you for your suggestion.Woman Icon 1

Not at all. Are you interested in shopping with me on Saturday?Woman Icon 2

Thanks for inviting me. I’d love to.Woman Icon 1

You are welcome.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

John, I have read your article. I think it is pretty good.Woman Icon 2

Thank you.Man icon 1

But I suggest that you change the title into a more interesting one. A better title will attract the reader’s attention and provoke their interests. Woman Icon 2

Thanks for your comments and directions. I will work on it. What do you think will be better?Man icon 1

What about how to stay healthy without pills?Woman Icon 2

It sounds great! Thank you for your help.Man icon 1

The pleasure is mine. I am sure you will become a distinguished writer with your masterpieces.Woman Icon 2

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