Finding for over speed

Finding For Over Speed

Dialogue 1

Excuse me, sir. Didn’t you see the red light?Woman Icon 2

Oh, I thought I could make a right turn on red here.Man icon 1

No, sir. The sign says “No Turn On Red”.Woman Icon 2

Oh, I guess I didn’t see it.Man icon 1

I’m sorry sir, but may I see your driver’s license and insurance policy, please? I have to give you a ticket.Woman Icon 2

Here they are.Man icon 1

Sign here, please. You can appeal to the court within 14 days. This slip has all the information you need. Please drive safely, sir?Woman Icon 2

Thank you, officer.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Good afternoon, madam!Man icon 1

Good afternoon, officer!Woman Icon 2

Would you please show me your driving license?Man icon 1

Sure. Here you are.Woman Icon 2

Thank you.Man icon 1

What’s the matter, officer?Woman Icon 2

Madam, you didn’t fasten your seatbelt.Man icon 1

Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know that is required.Woman Icon 2

Yes, madam. It’s required according to the Traffic Regulations.Man icon 1

Okay. I see. But could you let me go this time?Woman Icon 2

I’m sorry, madam. You have to pay the fine.Man icon 1

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