Food Topics to Talk About

Food Topics to Talk About

 Do you sell hamburgers here?Man icon 1

 Yes we do. Would you like to see the menu?Woman Icon 2

 Sure. Let me see. What is your most popular menu item?Man icon 1

  This month it’s the Avocado Burger. Everyone loves it. I highly recommend it. It is just so good.Woman Icon 2

  Even the picture looks good. Maybe I’ll get the avocado burger.Man icon 1

   The avocado burger comes with two sides.Woman Icon 2

   Oh, what are the sides?Man icon 1

    Sweet potato fries, french fries, coleslaw or a salad.Woman Icon 2

   I’ll have the sweet potato fries and a salad.Man icon 1

    Ok great. Anything to drink?Woman Icon 2

    I’ll have an iced tea.Man icon 1

  Ok. I’ll be right back.Woman Icon 2

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