Getting Promotion English Conversation

Getting Promotion English Conversation

Dialogue 1

You work so hard! Nearly every day of the week!Woman Icon 1

I know. But I’m lucky compared to most people.Man icon 2

How come! In what ways are you lucky?Woman Icon 1

Because I love what I do. Though I have to stay long hours, I love it as have so much work to do while others suffer from the crisis.Man icon 2

Very good! And I’m coming to tell you a good news that you are going to be promoted.Woman Icon 1

Really? I feel excited. Am I going to be the head of the task force in Manhattan?Man icon 2

Perhaps, but I’m not sure by now, just wait for the appointment. Hope you will be ready when the appointment finally comes through.Woman Icon 1

Okay, I’m looking forward to hearing from the board of administration.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Mary, you are promoted to the manager of your company. Congratulations!Woman Icon 1

Thanks, Jane. I was really surprised.Woman Icon 2

A grand reward for job well done.Woman Icon 1

Thank you! I mean there were a lot of qualified people out there.Woman Icon 2

Sure, but the work you did was really exceptional! You definitely deserve it!Woman Icon 1

Thanks a lot.Woman Icon 2

You are always responsible and careful. I’m sure this promotion is just a stepping stone to even greater things.Woman Icon 1

Jane, I appreciate it very much. Thank you. I’ll try my best.Woman Icon 2

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