Giving Assessment English Conversation

Giving Assessment English Conversation

Dialogue 1

We are taking the last order for food. Will there be anything else?Woman Icon 2

I need more salad, please.Man icon 1

Fine. Is everything to your satisfaction?Woman Icon 2

Yes, the Roast Beijing Duck is very delicious, tender and crisp.Man icon 1

Therroast Beijing Duck is a Beijing specialty. I’m glad you like it.Woman Icon 2

It’s delicious!Man icon 1

What about the others?Woman Icon 2

I think Mapo bean curd and shredded meat in chili sauce are quite special.Man icon 1

I’m glad to hear that. If you want any help, Just ask me.Woman Icon 2

Okay.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

I’ve finished.Man icon 1

How do you like the sweet and sour fish?Woman Icon 2

Good, but I like the Chinese noodles best.Man icon 1

Noodles with soybean paste is our local special.Woman Icon 2

What’s the meaning of noodle in China?Man icon 1

Noodle symbolizes longevity in China. And it has the meaning you’ll live a very happy life together. Would you like some more?Woman Icon 2

No, thanks. I really have enough. It is a very enjoyable dinner.Man icon 1

I’m glad you have a good appetite.Woman Icon 2

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