Giving Compliments in English

Giving Compliments in English

Dialogue 1

Good morning, John, jogging again?Woman Icon 1

Yeah, would you like to join me?Man icon 2

Okay. Hey, look, what a beautiful sweater you have!Woman Icon 1

Do you think it looks good on me?Man icon 2

Yes, and it goes beautifully with your pants.Woman Icon 1

You won’t believe it, but it is really cheap.Man icon 2

I wish I could find one just like it. You look young for your age.Woman Icon 1

You’re the only one who has said that.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

I like your new coat. Woman Icon 1

Do you think it fits me?Man icon 2

Yes. It looks terrific! You look nice.Woman Icon 1

I bought it at half price.Man icon 2

You are a good bargainer. I like the color of your tie, too.Woman Icon 1

Thanks. You flatter me. It wasn’t very expensive either.Man icon 2

That’s amazing! It sure looks expensive. You have made a good choice.Woman Icon 1

Thank you for saying so.Man icon 2

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