Greeting Conversation in English

Greeting Conversation in English

Dialogue 1

Hi, Bob! How are you going?Woman Icon 2

Not good… I failed in the exam.Man icon 1

Really?Woman Icon 2

Yes, the English exam.Man icon 1

You didn’t work hard this term, right?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I play computer games very often.Man icon 1

Do you have the chance to take the exam one more time?Woman Icon 2

I think I have. I’ll call my teacher and ask him about that.Man icon 1

Okay, study by your heart. You are a clever boy, I think.Woman Icon 2

Thanks. I need a lot of exercises.Man icon 1

Wish you pass! Bye.Woman Icon 2

Bye.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Hi, July, how are you?Woman Icon 2

Hi, Lucy, I’m fine, and you?Woman Icon 1

Fine, thanks. Why are you here?Woman Icon 2

I want to buy a gift for my father’s birthday.Woman Icon 1

Have you decided what to buy for him?Woman Icon 2

 Not yet.Woman Icon 1

A watch is cool, I think.Woman Icon 2

I think so, but I don’t have so much money.Woman Icon 1

Right… What about a book?Woman Icon 2

Good idea. I’ll find a book that I can afford.Woman Icon 1

Okay. I gotta go, see you!Woman Icon 2

See you later!Woman Icon 1

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