Hotel Check Out Conversation in English

Hotel Check-Out Conversation

 I’m here to check out.Man icon 1

 Great sir. How was your stay?Woman Icon 2

  It could’ve been much better.Man icon 1

  May I ask how it could’ve been better?Woman Icon 2

  I thought my room included breakfast but you charged me for breakfast.Man icon 1

  The room next door was really loud. I called the front desk about it, but they didn’t do anyting about it.Man icon 1

   I’m sorry to hear that sir.Woman Icon 2

   And my TV didn’t work. I wanted to watch the game, but I missed it.Man icon 1

  May we offer you a discount coupon. That sounds like a terrible experience.Woman Icon 2

    I guess that would be ok. I hope next time is much, much better.Man icon 1

Checking In To The Hotel

Good evening Sir. May I help you?Woman Icon 2

Yes. I’m checking in today. My name is John homas.Man icon 1

Do you have a reservation with us?Woman Icon 2

Uh, yes I believe I do. I called in last week.Man icon 1

Let me see. John Thomas. It looks like we do. Is your reservation for a single room?Woman Icon 2

That is correct.Man icon 1

And you’ll be staying with us for five nights?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I’ll be here for five nights. Maybe more.Man icon 1

Just sign you name here Mr. Thomas. Here is your room key.Woman Icon 2

Thank you very much.Man icon 1

My pleasure.Woman Icon 2

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