How to say Congratulations in English

How to say congratulations in English

Dialogue 1

John told me you were promoted to be the manager of advertisement department.Woman Icon 2

Yes. I got the notice last week.Man icon 1

Congratulations on your promotion! Now all the efforts pay off.Woman Icon 2

Thank you very much!Man icon 1

I knew you would come out successfully someday. You have that ability of leadership in you.Woman Icon 2

Oh, you flatter me. It is very kind of you.Man icon 1

You are welcome.Woman Icon 2

Actually, there are many new responsibilities on my shoulders now. I’m just learning the Rope. Your comments and directions are welcome.Man icon 1

Don’t be so courteous.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Congratulations on the birth of your child.Man icon 1

Thank you. It’s a boy.Woman Icon 2

You must be excited now.Man icon 1

Of course. It has been my dream for years.Woman Icon 2

Does he have a name?Man icon 1

They named him Robert. I named my baby small potatoWoman Icon 2

Good name for a boy. And you seem to pick up quickly.Man icon 1

Yes. He’s natural labor.Woman Icon 2

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