Essential English Words with Meaning and Sentences #2
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★List of Essential English Words:
00:01 adventure [ədˈventʃər] n. 
An adventure is a fun or exciting thing that you do.
→ Riding in the rough water was an adventure.
00:24 carefully [kɛərfəli] adv. 
Carefully means with great attention, especially to detail or safety.
→ The baby carefully climbed down the stairs.
00:50 approach [əˈproʊtʃ] v. 
To approach something means to move close to it.
→ The boy approached his school.
01:10 chemical [ˈkɛmɪkəl] n. 
A chemical is something that scientists use in chemistry.
→ The scientist mixed the chemicals.
01:33 evil [ˈiːvəl] adj. 
Evil describes something or someone bad or cruel, not good.
→ The evil figure scared us all.
01:59 create [kriˈeit] v. 
To create means to make something new.
→ She created an igloo from blocks of snow.
02:23 kill [kil] v. 
To kill someone or something is to make them die.
→ I killed the fly with a fly swatter.
02:46 experiment [ikˈsperəmənt] n. 
An experiment is a test that you do to see what will happen.
→ The student did an experiment in science class.
03:11 laugh [læf] n. 
Laugh is the sound made when someone is happy or a funny thing occurs.
→ The sound of their laugh filled the room.
03:36 laboratory [ˈlӕbrəto:ri] n. 
A laboratory is a room where a scientist works.
→ My mother works in a laboratory.
03:58 nervous [ˈnɜr vəs] adj. 
When a person is nervous, they think something bad will happen.
→ The boy became nervous when he heard the news.
04:22 loud [laʊd] adj. 
If a sound is loud, it is strong and very easy to hear.
→ The man’s voice was so loud that we all could hear him.
04:48 project [ˈprodʒekt] n. 
A project is a type of work that you do for school ora job.
→ His afternoon work project was to paint the room green.
05:15 noise [nɔɪz] n. 
A noise is an unpleasant sound.
→ The crying baby made a loud noise.
05:38 shout [ʃaʊt] v. 
To shout is to say something loudly.
→ My boss shouted at me because I was late for work.
06:03 secret [ˈsiːkrɪt] n. 
A secret is something that you do not tell other people.
→ The two boys were sharing a secret.
06:26 terrible [ˈtɛrəbəl] adj. 
If something is terrible, it is very bad.
→ The way he treated his classmate was terrible.
06:49 smell [smel] v. 
To smell something means to use your nose to sense it.
→ The two friends smelled the flower.
07:13 worse [wɜrs] adj. 
If something is worse, it is of poorer quality than another thing.
→ Business was worse this month than last month.
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