Essential English Words with Meaning and Sentences #3
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★List of 20 Essential English Words:
00:01 among [əˈmʌŋ] prep. 
If you are among certain things, they are all around you.
→ There was a red apple among the green ones.
00:26 alien [ˈeɪljən] n. 
An alien is a creature from a different world.
→ The alien came in peace.
00:48 cloud [klaʊd] n. 
A cloud is a group of water drops in the sky.
→ The sky was filled with white clouds.
01:13 chart [tʃɑ:rt] n. 
A chart is a list of information.
→ We used a chart to see how we had improved.
01:38 describe [dɪˈskraɪb] v. 
To describe is to say or write what someone or something is like.
→ They described their tree as colorful with gold ribbon and a star.
02:06 comprehend [ˌkɒmprɪˈhɛnd] v. 
To comprehend something is to understand it.
→ Henry could not comprehend the message.
02:30 fail [feɪl] v. 
To fail means you do not succeed in what you try to do.
→ Since he failed to get the job, he was sad.
02:54 ever [ˈɛvər] adv. 
Ever means at any time.
→ Going skiing last winter was the most fun I’ve ever had.
03:20 grade [ɡreɪd] n. 
A grade is a score or mark given to someone’s work.
→ I managed to get good grades on my report card.
03:45 friendly [ˈfrɛndlɪ] adj. 
Friendly is behaving in a pleasant, kind way toward someone.
→ The friendly animals came up to the girl.
04:10 library [ˈlaibrəri] n. 
A library is a place where you go to read books.
→ The library at school is full of books.
04:35 instead [inˈsted] adv. 
Instead means in place of.
→ He ate the carrot instead of the ice cream.
04:58 report [rɪˈpɔrt] n. 
A report is something students write for school.
→ Karen had trouble writing her report.
05:21 planet [ˈplænət] n. 
A planet is a large round thing in space.
→ Saturn is the planet with the ring around it.
05:46 solve [sɒlv] v. 
To solve something is to find an answer to it.
→ All the students could easily solve the math problem.
06:11 several [ˈsɛvərəl] adj. 
Several is more than two but not many.
→ He had to read several books for class.
06:34 suppose [səˈpəʊz] v. 
To suppose is to guess.
→ I suppose I should go home now.
06:57 suddenly [ˈsʌd(ə)nli] adv. 
If something happens suddenly, it happens quickly and unexpectedly.
→ I was suddenly surprised by the cake my friends brought me.
07:23 view [vjuː] v. 
To view is to look at something.
→ Michael likes to view himself in the mirror.
07:47 universe [ˈjuːnɪvəːs] n. 
The universe is the known or supposed objects in space.
→ The universe is so large that it cannot be measured.

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