Introduce yourself in English conversation

Introduce Yourself in English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Hey! Looks like we’re gonna be lab partners this semester. I’m Emma.Woman3

Hi. I’m Trevor. Nice to meet you.Man1

Nice to meet you, too. You don’t look very familiar to me. Are you new to this school?Woman3

I am. My family and I just moved here last month.Man1

Where did you live before?Woman3

We lived in Mason Heights.Man1

Did you live in Masson Heights your whole life? Or were you born somewhere else?Woman3

I was born in Mason Heights and lived there until now.Man1

When were you born?Woman3

I was born on December 14th, 2007. It was a Friday, at 6 o’clock in the morning. I guess I’m an early riser.Man1

Friday is my favorite day of the week. It’s the closest to the weekend and we have less lessons than usual.Woman3

Yeah, It’s my favorite day of the week too. What about you? When were you born?Man1

I was born on May 25th, 2007.Woman3

We’re the same age. Were you born here, in Jeffersonville?Man1

No, I was born in Greece and moved here when I was five years old. My dad got a green card and got a job here.Woman3

Wow, that’s nice! So do you go back there very often?Man1

Yes, my family and I spend our summer vacations in Greece every two years. So it certainly feels like my second home. It’s where my roots are.Woman3

Can you speak Greek?Man1

Yes, I can speak Greek fluently.Woman3

That’s awesome! So do you like living here?Man1

Yes, I love it. And I love this school too. I feel so comfortable here because the teachers are really nice and helpful. I joined a lot of clubs when I came here and I have a lot of friends.Woman3

What sports facilities are there in this school?Man1

We have a gym and a stadium. We are also lucky to have a swimming pool in our school.Woman3

Wow, that’s great to hear! I’ve been thinking of joining a sports club to try to meet more people.Man1

That’s a great idea. We have so many clubs for all kinds of sports and hobbies. What do you like to do?Woman3

I love Athletics. That’s my favorite thing. I also like swimming a lot. What is your favorite subject?Man1

My favorite subject is Science because I like doing experiments.Woman3

What subject do you find the most difficult?Man1

It’s social studies because I have to take a lot of notes.Woman3

My favorite subject is Math because I like solving problems. The most difficult subject for me is History. I’m very bad at memorizing dates and names.Man1

I pretty much feel the same way.Woman3

What are some of your favorite places to go here?Man1

I like going to the mall, the park and the Grand Plaza market on Saturdays.Woman3

Is there a movie theater here?Man1

The mall has its own movie theater and is a short walk from our school. It has all of the newly released movies.Woman3

That’s awesome!Man1

I’m going there this Saturday with some friends. You can join us if you like.Woman3

Great! I can’t wait!Man1

Dialogue 2

Excuse me, is this the right place for the meeting about the Spain trip?Woman1

Yes, You’re in the right place. It seems we’ve arrived too early. Are you thinking of studying abroad in Spain next semester?Man 2

I am! I have been wanting to go on this trip since my freshman year.Woman1

Me too! I’m very excited to hear all of the details. I’m Martin, by the way.Man 2

Nice to meet you, Martin. I’m Jasmine.Woman1

Do you speak Spanish?Man 2

I don’t. But I’m hoping I’ll learn during this trip. I’ve always wanted to become fluent in a second language, so I think this opportunity will be perfect for me.Woman1

How about you? Do you speak Spanish?Woman1

I speak a little bit, but I want to improve. I actually speak French pretty well, so I’m hoping that will helpMan 2

Are you from France?Woman1

I was born in the states, but my parents are from Belgium.Man 2

How cool!Woman1

How about you? Where are you from?Man 2

I was born in Chicago, but I grew up in Michigan. Then I decided to move to Tennessee for college.Woman1

How did you end up here at the University of Tennessee?Woman1

Well, my parents moved from Belgium to Tennessee for my dad’s job before I was born.Man 2

Once they had me, they decided to stay in Tennessee and raise me here. So I’ve been in Tennessee all of my life.Man 2

Is your family nearby?Woman1

They all live about two hours from here.Man 2

Do you have siblings?Woman1

No, I’m an only child. What about you?Man 2

I have an older sister who goes to college in New York. I don’t get to see her very often, but we both try to get back to Michigan for the holidays.Woman1

That’s good. What is your major?Man 2

I’m studying International Business, hence the trip to Spain. I think it will be cool to learn about how other cultures conduct business. And to learn a language.Woman1

For sure. That will be very useful.Man 2

What are you majoring in?Woman1

I’m studying Architecture. I want to get to Spain and get inspired by the amazing buildings and historical designs.Man 2

I bet they are beautiful.Woman1

I’m sure I’ll take millions of photos.Man 2

Me too.Woman1

Would you be interested in getting a coffee after the meeting to talk about the trip?Man 2

I would love that! We will discuss all the details after the meeting.Woman1

Great! Looking forward to it.Man 2

Me too.Woman1

Dialogue 3

Hello! Welcome to the neighborhood!Woman4

Hi! Thank you! I’m Stacy.Woman2

Pleased to meet you! I’m Amanda.Woman4

Nice to meet you as well. It’s been a crazy few days of moving and unpacking! We haven’t had a chance to introduce ourselves to anyone in the neighborhood yet.Woman2

No worries at all! I could see you had your hands full trying to get settled. I wanted to wait a few days before stopping over to say hello.Woman4

Thanks. Have you lived here for a while?Woman2

We have. We actually built our house about 15 years ago, and we’ve been here ever since.Woman4

That’s quite a while!Woman2

That’s right. Where did you guys move from?Woman4

We used to live in Atlanta. My boss asked me if I’d be willing to transfer to California, and I thought it would be great to move out here.Woman2

It is fantastic. The weather is great. The people are nice. It’s a great place to be.Woman4

That’s what I heard.Woman2

So, what do you do?Woman4

I’m in IT. I work for a large computer company that develops software for lawyers and courthouses.Woman2

That sounds interesting.Woman4

It is. I really enjoy it. What about you. What do you do?Woman2

I’m a nurse at the local hospital. And my husband is a teacher at the high school.Woman4

Nice! My husband worked as a realtor in Atlanta, and he hopes to continue to do that here.Woman2

I’m sure he will have no problem getting a job selling houses out here. The market is incredible right now.Woman4

That’s what we’re hoping. Do you have any kids?Woman2

We have three boys. Aidan is 14, Ryan is 12, and Ian is 10.Woman4

That’s awesome! We have two boys. Leo is 13, and Zack is 11.Woman2

Do they like to play basketball?Woman4

They love basketball!Woman2

That is great. We have a park with a nice basketball court at the end of the street where my boys play all the time. I’m sure they’d love to take your boys there.Woman4

That would be so nice. They’ve dying to make some new friends and burn off some energy.Woman2

Would you and your family like to come over for a cookout tonight? Nothing fancy, just some hot dogs and burgers?Woman4

We could introduce our boys to each other and introduce our husbands as well. What do you think?Woman4

Thank you so much. We would love that.Woman2

It will be a fun evening for all of us!Woman4

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