Invitation Conversation Exercises

Invitation Conversation Exercises

Dialogue 1

I’ d like to take you for dinner. It’s my treat.Man icon 1

Great, thank you.Woman Icon 2

What do you feel like?Man icon 1

How about Chinese food?Woman Icon 2

Great! When is it convenient for you?Man icon 1

Any weekend will do.Woman Icon 2

How about this coming Sunday evening?Man icon 1

Sounds fantastic! Will you pick me up at my house?Woman Icon 2

No problem. Is 7 on the nose alright?Man icon 1

That will be fine. See you then.Woman Icon 2

See you then.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

How about going out for a bite?Man icon 1

I’d better not.Woman Icon 2

Oh, come on. Let’s go.Man icon 1

Well, I guess I’ll stay home. I still have work to do. I need to finish my report before Monday.Woman Icon 2

Where are you now?Man icon 1

Just started.Woman Icon 2

But you can catch up at the weekend. I know this restaurant serves nice beef. And the service is good too!Man icon 1

Okay, I’ll go. I need to take a break anyway. I’ll get my coat.Woman Icon 2

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