Inviting Someone to the Bar in English

Inviting Someone to the Bar in English

Dialogue 1

We’re having a party in our bar tomorrow evening. Come to the party. You’ll enjoy it.Woman Icon 1

I’m not sure if I’m free tomorrow. If I am free, I will go to join you.Man icon 2

It will be really interesting. There should be food, drinks and music.Woman Icon 1

Well, just wait a moment. Let me check my schedule and I will tell you later.Man icon 2

Don’t forget to bring your girlfriend.Woman Icon 1

I’m sorry to tell you we have broken up since I was ill.Man icon 2

Then it’s really good for you to come. We may meet beautiful girls there, huh?Woman Icon 1

Ok. See you tomorrow evening.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

There’re lots of bars in Houhai. It’s really nice.Woman Icon 1

Yes. I knew this would be a good place for a cool beer.Man icon 2

Let’s find a good one.Woman Icon 1

How about that one over there? It’s got a really good view of the lake.Man icon 2

Looks good to me. Let’s try it.Woman Icon 1

Let’s go!Man icon 2

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