Leaving and returning

Leaving and Returning

Dialogue 1

Hey, Jill, lovely day, isn’t it?Man icon 1

Hey, Bill. Long time no see.Man icon 2

Yes, how are you getting on?Man icon 1

Just so-so.Man icon 2

What is the matter with you? Look a little off-color today!Man icon 1

I’m recently very busy, also very tired. So I’m very vexed and so annoying.Man icon 2

Is this work bone breaking?Man icon 1

Don’t mention it. I’ll have to do some extra work and come home late each day.Man icon 2

If there’s no future for this company, you might as well pack your bags and try your luck somewhere else.Man icon 1

As soon as I can, I’m going to change job.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Oh, honey, you are eventually coming back.Woman Icon 2

Yeah, work overtime again.Man icon 1

You’re very busy these days, going out early and coming back late every day.Woman Icon 2

Yes. It is obvious that I have less time with you.Man icon 1

Not exactly. Even though you are busy, you still remember to take care about me.Woman Icon 2

You are very hard, too.Man icon 1

My schedule is very flexible, and I’m given a lot of freedom. I’m okay.Woman Icon 2

Really? How about preparing dinner for me?Man icon 1

I’ve already done it hours ago. I’ve been waiting for you.Woman Icon 2

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