Make a Restaurant Reservation in English

Make a Restaurant Reservation in English

Dialogue 1

Good morning, what can I do for you?Woman Icon 2

Good morning, could you make a reservation for me?Man icon 1

Sure. How many people are there?Woman Icon 2

Three.Man icon 1

Yes. Where would you prefer to sit?Woman Icon 2

I prefer a table by the window.Man icon 1

Which areas do you like, smoking or non-smoking?Woman Icon 2

A non-smoking seat, please.Man icon 1

One minute, please. Let me check. Okay, when shall you be here.Woman Icon 2

Around 7 o’clock.Man icon 1

Ok. We are looking forward to seeing you.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

May I help you?Woman Icon 2

I’d like to make a reservation.Man icon 1

How many people?Woman Icon 2

Only two.Man icon 1

Would you like a table in the main restaurant or in a private room. Sir?Woman Icon 2

I’d like in the hall.Man icon 1

Just a moment. I’ll check our reservation list.Woman Icon 2

Please see us as far as possible from the smoking section. Are there any good seats left?Man icon 1

Do you mind taking the seat by the aisle?Woman Icon 2

I don’t care.Man icon 1

Okay. I’ve already reserved for you.Woman Icon 2

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