Making an Apology Conversation

Making an Apology Conversation

Dialogue 1

Excuse me, I think I booked a room with a nice view to the beach. But the room I stay is facing a wall.Man icon 1

May I knew your name?Woman Icon 2

I am Mr. Chen.Man icon 1

Hold on a second, I am checking the reservation. I have your reservation of a room with a fine view of the beach. I think it is undoubtedly our fault. Please accept my apologies.Woman Icon 2

I accept your apology. Is there any room in which I can enjoy the eyesight of the beach?Man icon 1

I am afraid that all the rooms with view to the beach have been booked.Woman Icon 2

That is really disappointing.Man icon 1

I am sorry about that.Woman Icon 2

It doesn’t matter.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

I apologize for stamping on your foot. I didn’t do it on purpose. It is really crowded here. I beg your pardon.Man icon 1

You didn’t hurt me at all. Don’t worry about it.Woman Icon 2

Please don’t be angry about my foolish behavior. I can’t believe that I smeared your white shoes. Here is some paper handkerchief. Here you go.Man icon 1

Thank you. Where are you going?Woman Icon 2

Dong Dan.Man icon 1

Sorry, I didn’t catch you. Will you please kindly repeat it?Woman Icon 2

Sure. Dong Dan.Man icon 1

I got it. I’m getting off one step ahead. Nice talking to you.Woman Icon 2

Me too.Man icon 1

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