Making Business Appointment in English Conversation

Making Business Appointment in English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Hello, Mr.Hammer’s office. This is Cindy.Woman Icon 1

Hello Cindy. This is Mr.Wang from ABC Company. I’d like to make an appointment with Mr.Hammer this week. What time is he available?Man icon 2

Well, he is keeping busy this week. What would you like to talk to him about?Woman Icon 1

About the technical cooperation.Man icon 2

Oh, I see. This is very important. Let me check his schedule and see if he can arrange some time.Woman Icon 1

Thank you.Man icon 2

When do you have free time?Woman Icon 1

Any day is fine for me.Man icon 2

Then shall we arrange the time on Thursday morning, for Mr.Hammer will be in the office for the whole morning?Woman Icon 1

That works for me! See you then.Man icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hi, Nick. Nice to hear from you.Man icon 2

Hi, Mark. I’m calling to ask you about the weather there.Man icon 1

Not good, I’m afraid.Man icon 2

That’s a pity because I’m planning to travel there next week. I’ve got a meeting with a customer in your area on Tuesday of next week.Man icon 1

Really? Well, you’ll come by to see us while you’re here, I hope.Man icon 2

That’s what I’m going to talking about. I hope we could arrange to meet up after that.Man icon 1

That sounds good. When do you plan on seeing me?Man icon 2

Could be either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.Man icon 1

OK. Well, it would best for me if you could come to see me on the Wednesday morning.Man icon 2

OK. I will try my best. I will call you to confirm when I get into town.Man icon 1

Great. Talk to you then.Man icon 2

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