Making Plans for the Weekend Conversation

Making Plans for the Weekend Conversation

Dialogue 1

Hey, what shall we do at the weekend?Man icon 1

I have no idea about that.Woman Icon 2

What about go skiing?Man icon 1

Last Saturday my colleague went skiing at Holeman Cohen located in Oslo. This is the most famous ski jump in Norway, which is also the biggest in the world.Woman Icon 2

Fantastic! How was that?Man icon 1

Really good! They strongly recommend that We should try it sometime.Woman Icon 2

This weekend I’d like to go skiing there.Man icon 1

But I’d like to stay at home and keep my grandmother company.Woman Icon 2

I’ll go and talk about it to her. Maybe she likes to go with us together.Man icon 1

A family trip sounds very good!Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

What are your plans for the weekend?Man icon 1

I have to work overtime this weekend. What about you John?Woman Icon 2

This weekend with Lucy. Where should I take her?Man icon 1

How about going to the cinema?Woman Icon 2

I went to the cinema with her last weekend.Man icon 1

Does she like to go shopping? Girls in general like to shop for new clothes.Woman Icon 2

Yes, she spends much of her spare time roaming about the streets.Man icon 1

Why not go shopping with her?Woman Icon 2

Well, I think it will have to do. Where are some good places for shopping?Man icon 1

You should do some shopping in Wangfujing Street and Xidan street.Woman Icon 2

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