Making Suggestions Dialogue

Making Suggestions Dialogue

Dialogue 1

You’re from New York, aren’t you?Woman Icon 2

Yes, that’s right.Man icon 1

What do you suggest I should see in New York?Woman Icon 2

Well, how about the Museum of Modern Art?Man icon 1

No, I don’t like museums. They are boring.Woman Icon 2

Why don’t you go to see the Empire State Building?Man icon 1

Ah! That sounds interesting.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

You are not looking happy. What’s the matter?Woman Icon 2

Oh, nothing special. I’m just a bit tired.Man icon 1

With the job?Woman Icon 2

With everything, with everybody, with all these!Man icon 1

A good suggestion for you you. Need a holiday.Woman Icon 2

It wasn’t always like this, you know.Man icon 1

What do you mean?Woman Icon 2

Well, I mean, we always do the same thing. There’s no variety in our lives.Man icon 1

You need a holiday. That’s what the matter is.Woman Icon 2

Certainly, perhaps.Man icon 1

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