Meeting New Neighbor Conversation

Meeting New Neighbor Conversation

Dialogue 1

Nice to meet you. I am Lisa, your new neighbor.Woman Icon 1

Nice to meet you, too. I am David. Where are you from, Lisa?Man icon 1

I am from China.Woman Icon 1

China is a good place. How do you like America?Man icon 1

I like it very much, it’s a good place, too.Woman Icon 1

Are you used to the life and the weather in America?Man icon 1

Frankly speaking, not yet.Woman Icon 1

No problem. It’s a matter of time.Man icon 1

Oh, how time flies. It’s time for me to pick up my little girl. Thanks for your time. See you next time.Woman Icon 1

See you. If you have any difficulty, please don’t hesitate to let me know.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

Nice to meet you. I am your new neighbor.Woman Icon 1

Nice to meet you. Your face looks familiar to me. Let me see. Oh, you are Kate, The youngest daughter of Green?Man icon 1

Yes, I am. May I have your name?Woman Icon 1

My name is Jack Chen.Man icon 1

Oh, you are the best friend of my father?Woman Icon 1

Exactly.Man icon 1

I have heard a lot about you.Woman Icon 1

I hope it’s not the bad things about me. How is your father?Man icon 1

He is so fine.Woman Icon 1

Send my best wishes to him.Man icon 1

Thank you very much.Woman Icon 1

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