Negative in a Sentence

Negative in a Sentence



1. Expressing “no”

  • That, I take it, was a negative answer.
  • They received a negative answer to their request.
  • The negative reply dashed her spirits.

2. Not expecting good things

  • He’s so negative.
  • He has a negative attitude toward life.
  • She’s so negative about everything!
  • Why does he have such a negative attitude?

3. Bad or harmful

  • The industry suffered negative growth in 1998.
  • The new tax was having a very negative effect on home sales.
  • We didn’t think there would be an enormous negative effect.

4. (of a medical test) showing that the patient does not have the disease

  • A negative test result.
  • The results of the test were negative.
  • All the patients have tested negative for AIDS

5. (of a number or amount) less than zero

  • Negative numbers.
  • The product of two negative numbers is positive.
  • Students often find it mysterious why multiplying two negative numbers.

A word or statement that expresses “no”

  • He replied in the negative.
  • Her answer was in the negative.

Reject; refuse to accept; veto.

  • The bill was negatived by 160 votes to 152.
  • Motions had been made, discussed, negatived.

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