On the commencement

On the commencement

Dialogue 1

Hello, go into the commencement?Woman Icon 2

Yes, I suppose you’re going there too.Man icon 1

Sure. Let’s go together.Woman Icon 2

Who’s going to make the opening speech?Man icon 1

The president of our CollegeWoman Icon 2

Who’s going to present the diploma?Man icon 1

It’s a secret.Woman Icon 2

Have you given your graduation invitation to your friends?Man icon 1

Yes, and I invited my parents to come as well.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Hey. CongratulationsMan icon 1

Thanks. You too.Woman Icon 2

We should be proud of ourselves. After all these years slaving, I wouldn’t miss the commencement for anything.Man icon 1

Yes, I agree. Did you pick up your robe yet?Woman Icon 2

 Yes. How about you?Man icon 1

Not yet. I’m going there now.Woman Icon 2

Okay. So I’ll see you there later.Man icon 1

Sure. I’ll meet you there. We definitely need to talk.Woman Icon 2

Yes. See you later.Man icon 1

See you.Woman Icon 2

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