Ordering Food and Drinks Dialogue

Ordering Food and Drinks Dialogue

Dialogue 1

Would you like something to drink?Woman Icon 2

May I order a glass of tea?Man icon 1

We serve Wu Long tea, black tea, Green tea, Jasmine tea and chrysanthemum tea. Which one do you like better?Woman Icon 2

I glutted myself with rich food. I’m under the weather.Man icon 1

Please have a cup of dragon well green tea. Maybe you’ll be more comfortable.Woman Icon 2

Do you have paper napkin?Man icon 1

Yes, I’ll bring you some at once.Woman Icon 2

And would you mind if I smoke here?Man icon 1

No, there is an ashtray on the shelf.Woman Icon 2

Thank you.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

What would you like for a drink?Woman Icon 2

May I see the drinking list?Man icon 1

Would you like to drink tea?Woman Icon 2

I don’t feel like drinking tea this morning. Shall I choose some other drinks?Man icon 1

Some coffee?Woman Icon 2

Coffee would be fine.Man icon 1

How do you drink your coffee, black or white?Woman Icon 2

I take it with cream and sugar.Man icon 1

Would you like some ice in it?Woman Icon 2

I prefer it straight up.Man icon 1

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