Ordering Food at a Restaurant Conversation

Ordering Food at a Restaurant Conversation

Are you ready to order?Man icon 1

 Yes, I think we are.Woman Icon 2

 Ok. What can I get started for you?Man icon 1

  I would like to get a hamburger with ketchup and lettuce.Woman Icon 2

  Ok. That comes with a side of French fries. Is that ok?Man icon 1

  Sure. Also we’ll get some appetizers. Which appetizers do you have?Woman Icon 2

  Actually today we’re out of appetizers. They will be out of stock until next week.Man icon 1

    Ok. Then we will get two more hamburgers and a salad.Woman Icon 2

   What would you like to drink?Man icon 1

    We’ll just get tea for everyone.Woman Icon 2

  Ok. That sounds great. I’ll be right back.Man icon 1

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