Ordering Food in Restaurant Dialogue

Ordering Food in Restaurant Dialogue

Dialogue 1

Are you ready to order, sir?Woman Icon 2

Yes, have you a menu, please?Man icon 1

Here you are, what kind of food do you prefer, Chinese or American?Woman Icon 2

The Chinese food, please.Man icon 1

What’s your favorite? We have Sichuan food, Guangdong food and Shanghai food.Woman Icon 2

I am unfamiliar with the Chinese cuisines. Could you please explain to us?Man icon 1

Guangdong food is a bit light, while Beijing food is heavy and spicy. Sichuan food has a strong and hot taste, and Shanghai food is oily.Woman Icon 2

I’d like to eat something light, Quan dong food, please.Man icon 1

Okay. Here is the menu.Woman Icon 2

I’ll take some specialties of the house.Man icon 1

Dialogue 2

That’ll be all for now.Man icon 1

Let me check your order, the Season Vegetable in Oyster Sauce, the mustard greens with scallop, the Fried string beans, and the shark’s Fin Soup.Woman Icon 2

Not the Shark’s Fin soup but the Mushroom Soup.Man icon 1

I’m sorry. I mix up the order.Woman Icon 2

Can I have it right away?Man icon 1

About ten minutes. I would recommend an appetizer with two or three small dishes.Woman Icon 2

Which the hors d’oeuvre do you serve?Man icon 1

It is seasonal vegetables.Woman Icon 2

Give me some green salad.Man icon 1

Would you like something else to drink?Woman Icon 2

No, Thanks.Man icon 1

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