Parking Fee English Conversation

Parking Fee English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Good afternoon!Man icon 1

Good afternoon!Woman Icon 2

Please give your parking card to me.Man icon 1

Here you are.Woman Icon 2

Your car has been parked here for two hours.Man icon 1

How much is it charged per hour?Woman Icon 2

5 yuan per hour.Man icon 1

So I should pay 10 yuan, right?Woman Icon 2

Exactly.Man icon 1

Here is 20 yuan.Woman Icon 2

10 yuan back. Thank you! Bye!Man icon 1

Bye!Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Do you still have a carport?Woman Icon 2

Yes. Please head in.Man icon 1

How much is it per hour?Woman Icon 2

10 yuan.Man icon 1

It’s so expensive!Woman Icon 2

It’s very common here. You see we are near the station. And please remember there is a time limit for three hours.Man icon 1

Oh? A time limit? This is an inequality clause.Woman Icon 2

Whatever you say. This is our regulation.Man icon 1

All right. I think I have to.Woman Icon 2

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