Paying the Bill in English Conversation

Paying the Bill in English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Waiter, I’d like to settle my bill, please.Man icon 1

Okay, I’ll be with you right away.Woman Icon 2

Can I charge it on my Visa card?Man icon 1

Oh, yes, by all means. Please pay the bill at the cashier’s desk.Woman Icon 2

What does this amount to?Man icon 1

517 yuan.Woman Icon 2

May I have the bill, please?Man icon 1

Here you are. Do you want one bill or separate bill?Woman Icon 2

It’s my treat. One bill, please.Man icon 1

All right.Woman Icon 2

Dialogue 2

Could I have the bill, please?Man icon 1

Okay. Is everything to your satisfaction?Woman Icon 2

Yes. Do I pay you or the cashier?Man icon 1

Both are okay. You may choose.Woman Icon 2

I’d like to go over the bill myself.Man icon 1

Here it is. Will this be cash or charge?Woman Icon 2

I’ll pay in cash. Is this all on one bill?Man icon 1

Yes. Could you check it?Woman Icon 2

Okay. Do you have the receipt?Man icon 1

Yes, have you got some change?Woman Icon 2

No, I don’t have small change.Man icon 1

Sorry, I can’t break that.Woman Icon 2

Keep the change.Man icon 1

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