Putting the Call Through in English Conversation

Putting the Call Through in English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Hello. Dodge Automobiles. How may I direct your call?Woman Icon 1

Could I have extension 239, please?Man icon 2

Well, please hold on.Woman Icon 1

Okay, thank you.Man icon 2

I’m sorry the number’s engaged. Would you care to wait, please?Woman Icon 1

For how long?Man icon 2

In a minute or two.Woman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

Hello, I’d like the extension 4130, please.Woman Icon 1

Sorry. The number is busy now. Will you please hold the line?Man icon 2

No, I’ll try again later.Woman Icon 1

Good luck!Man icon 2

Hello, extension 4130. Would you put me through again, please?Woman Icon 1

OK, the line is free. Just a moment. Well, it’s ringing, go ahead, please.Man icon 2

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