Quitting the Job English Conversation

Quitting the Job English Conversation

Dialogue 1

Sorry to interrupt you, Mr. Lee.Woman Icon 1

What’s the matter, Sara?Man icon 2

I am sorry to say that I decide to quit.Woman Icon 1

Could you name some reasons?Man icon 2

Well, my resignation is mainly for the consideration of my parent. They are old and can hardly take care of themselves. I think they need us. We plan to move in a month.Woman Icon 1

To be frank, your resignation is really a loss to our team. I honestly hope you have a wonderful future. Best regards for your parents.Man icon 2

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your consideration. I’ll treasure this forever. Thank you again.Woman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

I’d like to talk about my job. This is my resignation, Mr.White. I want to quit my job.Woman Icon 1

What’s the trouble? I think you are working well.Man icon 2

I don’t think Mark has the talent to be a leader. He pays little attention to working method. Torture to work with him.Woman Icon 1

Go on, I’m all ears.Man icon 2

Sorry. I know it is not decent to say behind his back. I’m sorry to say I can’t put up with him I decide to resign.Woman Icon 1

Taken a seat and cool yourself down. It shouldn’t be you that decide to leave. Instead, it should be mark to be asked to leave.Man icon 2

Oh, really?Woman Icon 1

Right. I am tired of hearing complaints about him. You will work in a friendly, united and cooperative atmosphere soon.Man icon 2

Thank you very much. Mr.White.Woman Icon 1

Don’t mention it. Quiet down and get on with your work.Man icon 2

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