Sample of Self Introduction for Interview

Sample of Self Introduction for Interview

Dialogue 1

Can I help you?Man icon 2

Yes. I’ve come to apply for the position as an office secretary.Woman Icon 1

I’m Smith, the clerk of Human Resources Department. What’s your name?Man icon 2

My name is Wang Fang. Mr.Smith, how do you do?Woman Icon 1

Nice to met you, Miss Wang. We have received your letter in answer to our advertisement. I would like to talk with you regarding your qualification for this interview.Man icon 2

I’m very happy that I am qualified for this interview.Woman Icon 1

Now, talk something about yourself, please.Man icon 2

Well, my name is Wang Fang. W-A-N-G Wang and F-A-N-G Fang. I was born on May 17, 1982…Woman Icon 1

Dialogue 2

I believe you’re Mr.Smith, aren’t you?Man icon 1

Yes, I am.Man icon 2

How do you do? My name is Jack. I’m glad to be here.Man icon 1

How do you do? Jack, it’s nice to meet you.Man icon 2

May I introduce myself? My name is Alice.Woman Icon 1

How do you do, Ms.Alice? I’m glad to meet you.Man icon 1

How do you do? It’s my pleasure to meet you.Woman Icon 1

Same here.Man icon 1

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